Simplest Todo APP in React

HTML Code <div id= "root" ></div> React Code class TodoApp extends React . Component { constructor ( props ){ super ( props ); this . state = { input : '' , list : [], error : false } this . handleInput = this . handleInput . bind ( this ); this . submit = this . submit . bind ( this ); } handleInput ( event ){ this . setState ({ input : event . target . value }); } submit (){ this . setState ( state => { if ( this . state . list . indexOf ( this . state . input ) != - 1 ){ return { error : true } } return { list : this . state . list . concat ( this . state . input ), error : false } }) } render (){ return ( < div > < input type = 'text' value = { this . state . input } onChange = { this . handleInput } /> < button onClick = { this . submit } > Subm

How to get and set a sublist in netsuite suitlet suitescript 2.0

Some Times we often need to create sublist to our suitelet here we are going to learn how create a sublist to suilet and then add data to the newly created sublist: To create a new sublist use this: var sublist = form.addSublist({          id : 'custpage_sublist',          type : ui.SublistType.LIST, label : 'people' }); var name = sublist.addField({ id : 'custpage_name', label : 'Name', type : ui.FieldType.TEXT }); To set data to newly created sublist use this:          var sublist = form.getSublist({ id : 'custpage_sublist' });          sublist.setSublistValue({ id : 'custpage_name', line : 0, // loop the line for all line number value : 'your name' });

How to read current record in a custom module in SuiteScript 2.0

/**  * @NApiVersion 2.0  */ define(['N/currentRecord'], function(currentRecord) {  return({ alertBox: function(){ var record = currentRecord.get(); var name = record.getValue({ fieldId: 'custpage_name', }) alert(name); }  }); } This simple module can be attached to suitelet or user event script and can be used by calling alertBox function directly.

How to update sublist data using client script in netsuite Suitescript 2.0

First select the line that you want to update using var records = context.currentRecord; var lineNum = records .selectLine({ sublistId: 'yoursublist_id',   line: 0 // your line number }); after selecting we can insert data using  records.setCurrentSublistValue({ sublistId: 'yoursublist_id', fieldId: 'yourfield_id', value: true, ignoreFieldChange: true }); then commit line  records.commitLine({ sublistId: 'custpage_sublist' });

Rules of writing viral Articles

Rules Of Article writing write about awesome people write about targeted audience write about what is already famous write about future events write about future predictions Long form content gets more social shares than short form content. Invoke awe, laughter, or amusement. Appeal to people’s narcissistic side People tend to share content that looks trustworthy People love to share lists and infographics 10 is the magic number for lists website gets more traffic on weekdays then it does on weekends. People are less likely to be on the computer at weekends and holiday periods. Inspire awe, laughter, or amusement. Appeal to people’s narcissistic side (think BuzzFeed quizzes) Long-form content has less competition, and more shares on average. List posts and infographics are more likely to be shared. Make sure your article inspires trust. Have a byline, and bio. Make sure you have a professional logo and design as well. Mix text with visually appealing el

Netsuite Permission and Access Levels

Permission and Access Levels  View - Only allows you to view Create - allow you to only create new one and view Edit - allow you to create new one, edit existing, view Full - allow you create, edit, view and delete Standar centers Classic Center Finance Center Shipping Center Sales Center All users can access classic interface by checking use classic interface at user preferences Pages common to All centers Home Activities Documents Setup

SuiteFoundation Exam Notes Netsuite Basics

The following Important Notes have been collected from Netsuite Help Center for quick revision. General accounting The first step before you can use netsuite accounting features is to setup chart of accounts. GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) Account types are used to organize data in account registers and other financial reports. Assets + Expenses = Equity + Liabilities + Income. Opening balances are entered when we are firt using that account in netsuite. After entering data into opening balance that account can be used for transaction. To find your account number: Go to Setup > Company > Company Information. On the right side of the Company Information page, note your Account ID. This is your account number. ___________________________________________ Security Guidelines Set a strong password policy that has at least a 10–character minimum and includes at least three of these four character types: uppercase, lowercase, numbers, non-alphanume