How to create a new custom field in Netsuite

To create a custom field in NetSuite follow the following steps.

Go to Customizations - > List records & fields -> entity fields - > New

If you want to create a custom field in

Partner etc.

You will have to select entity fields.

 Enter label name, Select Applies to , and filed type. There are filed type like if you want a simple text field select free-form Text

Finally go to display - >subtab -> select main , if you want it to be displayed on main part of the page. After doing this click save and you will get a internal id and filed will be created.

But if you want to create a custom field in

Inventory Item
Non Inventory Item
Kit package

etc choose item fileds.

And if you want to create a custom field in

Item fulfilment etc then select transaction body fields 


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