How to get data from URL in Netsuite Using Suitlets

    var Company_name = request.getParameter("comname");
    var MrMs = request.getParameter("titlefname");
    var FirstName = request.getParameter("fname");
    var LastName = request.getParameter("lname");
    var JobTitle = request.getParameter("jobtitle");
    var Phone = request.getParameter("phone");
    var fax = request.getParameter("fax");
    var add1 = request.getParameter("address1");
    var add2 = request.getParameter("address2");
    var postalCode = request.getParameter("postal");
    var City = request.getParameter("city");
    var State = request.getParameter("state");
    var Country = request.getParameter("country");
    var Email = request.getParameter("email");
    var Password = request.getParameter("password");

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